John Siever Jewelry

Handcrafted Sterling Silver

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John Siever is a retired Plymouth Public School administrator who also happens to be a metalsmith.  He began making jewelry thirty two years ago as a part-time hobby and, after thirty-five years in the public sector, he launched a new jewelry line of earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Working primarily with fine sterling silver and bronze, each piece is individually handcrafted. John’s goal is to create styles that are unique and organic, with an emphasis on texture and movement. Styles can be produced in a bright shiny gloss, a flat matte finish or oxidized patina. The earrings are lightweight and can be worn as an everyday accessory or for that special occasion. 

The existing line and all new styles are designed as a collaboration between John and his wife Jayne, buyer and co-owner of Pilgrim’s Progress in downtown Plymouth, where the jewelry is currently on sale. Their partnership has produced a quality product that is creative, unique and easy to wear.

 We hope that you will enjoy their creations.

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